E·ratio 11 · 2008



E·ratio 11 · 2008




things shan’t fly apart and a s


  by James Stotts




things shan’t fly apart



ash berries

riper in winter

than in spring


you are not here

when you come

what will you bring?


no, we shan’t fill the home

with anything

flowers, furniture


poems that you’ll never read

i love you, a small box holds the rest

of what i need




         *     *     *








                        this is maria’s love


                                      the  beak




the    devour             the      fang

the    divide             the      wedge


                        over breakfast


                        about another day


                        the goldfinch calls per-chic-o-ree

                        in flight

                        birdsong slowtoleave


                        just nothing nothing per-chic-o-ree


                           the is we




         *     *     *



in the threewaywinds

i can’t go anywhere

but back to you


the trees dance over the pond

the door swings

the hinge sings

           your song







a s


in being and time (p. 163)

h. maintains


just as linguistic utterance

is based on speech


so is acoustic perception

on hearing


what is it that he heard?


a whining cart

a motorcycle                 


the north wind

the labor of a woodpecker


a fire’s spit

a column on the march


we shut our eyes here

and listen for our listing hearts to list:


‘hanna arendt uttered love . . .’


‘the corpse of idle days = the people’s fist’


‘a documentary clip’ or ‘agitprop’


and hearing (h. goes on to say)

is a part of speech





James Stotts is a poet and photographer living in Boston and starting a family.

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