Eratio Issue 17




from In Return


by Lisa Donovan



A manuscript in progress born out of the correspondences (epistolary and thought) of Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt.



When set aside the fact, still occasionally raging storm, rose’s bloom


When a single friendship drew from these, man’s nature


When of a way framed of none whatsoever, river


When occasionally, with such sacrifice, we are




in relationship

what startling

in opinion, these

meadows wait

to his forever






When I am looking forward tell me how you live


When the letter tells me, this history, hours, your eyes


When what is entirely seems, tell me


When this summer, and as merry as you were, burned copper brown





When the innermost, purest part can lose yourself


When in humility, expressed greater than an essence of eternity


When as silence dark trees and hoof-beats all happen into something


When how I’ve made you suffer





When we achieve, belong to ours, others


When to offer oneself, air, soft evening


When hope, unthreatened, down this lonely street


When the two questions





a significant object, in

reflection, the short world

asserts, might condition


in beginnings, the process

may teach, world when

appearance, everywhere,


appearance, approached

discarded, becomes they











Lisa Donovan is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Denver in English — Creative Writing. 



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