E·ratio Issue 10


Louis Armand

Alan Halsey

Vanessa Couto Johnson

Lisa Donovan

Emmalea Russo

Geraldine Monk

Carolyn Guinzio

Raphael Rubinstein

Anne Fitzgerald

Ann Erickson

John Sibley Williams

Carey Scott Wilkerson

Stephen Rock

Anne Gorrick

Kristy Bowen

Gabrielle Campagnano

Frances Saux

W. Scott Howard

Rich Murphy

Stephen Nelson

Nick Compton

collage by Hope Kroll




E·ratio Editions E·chaps:


blossoms from nothing by Travis Cebula

light in a black scar by Jake Berry

Hungarian LangArt by Márton Koppány




Sparring in Seattle with Time, Space, Art, and Minds


Essay and art by Joseph F. Keppler





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