Eratio Issue 17






by Anne Fitzgerald





And what of you, running around

as though some new planet orbiting


a distant star, belonging to its own

solar system. How do you know


shadows are not in the way?


In a forward thrust of propulsion

and downward acceleration of freefall,


theorems and vectors continue to enlighten,

say like the nine weeks of St. Jude, if truth


be told, thought not unlike Medician

torchbearers throwing light on; should


bread be leaven or unleavened, how

bitter Last Supper wine was, or who


had the last word. Nevertheless, a spangle

of light insinuates itself into your way


of thinking, illuminates words as if see

-through paper lanterns yet to be read.










Anne Fitzgerald is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and Queen’s

University, Belfast.  Her poetry collections are Swimming Lessons (Wales, Stonebridge Press, 2001), The Map of Everything (Dublin, Forty Foot Press, 2006) and Beyond the Sea (Co. Clare, Salmon Poetry, 2013).  She is a recipient of the Ireland Fund of Monaco Writer-in-Residence bursary at The Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco (2007).  Anne Fitzgerald is online at



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