Issue 19




Wide Open


Gabriella M. Belfiglio





Have you looked close?

Your losses will cloud your judgment.

Once you reach newfound options

you should ask the woman behind them

etched in anger and sorrow,

to dive into unexplored territory.

If you’re afraid, you are encouraged

to sit and draw.

Perhaps read something

insanely beautiful, rising against

the evening sky. 

Once you have it in your body,

steal the show. 

Own the sky.










Gabriella M. Belfiglio lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her partner and three cats.  She teaches self-defense, conflict resolution, karate, and tai chi to people of all ages throughout the five boroughs.  Her work has been published in many anthologies and journals including The Centrifugal Eye, Folio, Avanti Popolo, Poetic Voices without Borders, C,C,&D, The Avocet, The Potomic Review, Lambda Literary Review and The Dream Catcher’s Song.  She is currently working on a full length collection of her poetry. 



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