Issue 19




Two Poems


Raymond Farr





They Love a Good Lemon Poem



The epitome

Of amber caution lights


Just dangled there like daisies

Someone sd my poems had eyes


Like rambling steppes

& I sd they have no eyes


In hopeful words as

Soft & yellow as beams


Of summer sun

I sd they are here to observe


They love a good lemon poem

As they love their own


Bebop tapping foot, I sd





The Dumbkopf Machine



Mourning our skeleton

Of white picket fences


We negotiate

With language


Like people smoking purely

Out of outrage


It’s a perfectly normal thing

To breed vipers


Without meaning to

A poem may or may not be


The blank face of

Another ordinary day


Or the stolen identity

Of a lost horizon


Setting itself on fire

But where the dance


Of glare eludes

The already begun decay


Of color & shape

There is no such accuracy


We came into this life

Already knowing


Each curtained flinch

Of the dumbkopf machine


Is randomized

By circumstance


I merely denotes










Raymond Farr is the author of Ecstatic/.of facts (Otoliths 2011), as well as big strange wall, Rien Ici and Writing What For? across the Mourning Sky.  His latest book Poetry in the Age of Zero Grav is due out in 2014.  His poems appear from time to time in Otoliths, Upstairs at Duroc, Cricket On Line Review, Indefinite Space, BlazeVox and West Wind Review.  He is editor of the experimental poetry zine Blue & Yellow Dog.



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