Issue 19






Ezra Mark





At the beginning, the arm

is in first position, advent

of the mid-point in the course

towards encounter, bringing

you back to be aware of

it again:


settled smoke

from here

to the world.






She whose glance

crossing over


one must be careful that the foot

leaves the ground smoothly


come into space so

now she should see the end


Finish in arabesque or

in attitude






Three fingers of the right hand placed

against the temple for the beating

of a vein, then on the wrist of the left

hand the slightly slower beats of

the pulse.  That in the space

of memory.


The glass is broken

and she goes on reading this book.






Fitting as it does against the heart

as trauma is to dreams but

I do not dream too much


The years go by


why read Dante

why on earth poetry






We no longer think about anything

She points to a walker in the distance: she asks

what a beautiful thing is that exactly

burning burning burning burning






A girl is sitting all alone on a bench.

There was the whole morning before that.

The largest fire ever known.  Butterflies

as if they were painted on a blue landscape.


Do we really die












Ezra Mark’s books include Retention, Setting, and Intention.  He lives in Seattle, Washington. 



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