Issue 19




Dream of a Separate Language


Jacqueline Winter Thomas





in the dark of the century

         you walk ahead of me


animals we named

         books we buried


still we did not know

         how to speak of the dead








where the river-bed turned to rot:      the shape of wars


where I laid you down with lichen:     sentence about your dying








there were no fields

you said, no expanses,

only weight of skies

as thunder-strike


                  once hoar frost,


false meters, now fields

fresh-appear                   yellow—

         where fog hangs

                  and stanza breaks








we speak of this in poetry / we dream in diasporas


we walk in these lines

         as, in the earth, cold ones walk


and cannot find the burial grounds








somewhere some will speak these names

someday some will think these words










Jacqueline Winter Thomas received her BA in Literature from Ramapo College.  She is currently an MFA candidate in poetry at UNC Wilmington where she teaches creative writing, and an MA candidate in English at Middlebury College, the Bread Loaf School.  Her poems have been published (and are forthcoming) in Barrelhouse, Trillium, and Burningword, and her papers have appeared in Metamorphosis.  She is interested in the convergence of poststructural poetics and semiotics.  She writes at heteroglossia.tumblr.com



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