Issue 21






David Rushmer





         tongue of flame

                  where thirst was born


                           the suck of light

                           that of the universe


                                             white skin.  Words bled

                                             to expand forever.


                           more matter

                                    followed by a contraction,


                                             evoking another skin

                           edges curled

                  light coming from the centre.


                                    A cloak of invisibility, to suggest

                  the absence




                  whiteness is an ideal




                  a bodily mask

of receding space


         projecting being


                           what shines through the eyes

                                      shall contain it










Poems by David Rushmer have appeared in a number of journals including Angel Exhaust, E·ratio 19, Great Works, Molly Bloom and 10th Muse.  Recordings of his reading can been heard at The Archive of the Now.  His most recent pamphlet is Blanchot’s Ghost (Oystercatcher Press, 2008). 



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