Issue 22




Four Poems


John M. Bennett





olin again



each inhabitation corners

laundry in your ear a

“brain” or laptop

sizzles in your pants’

each faucet gurgling

with the time your

coat is due the time

your ants retreat

behind the picture frame

each pencilled congrat

ulation’s wandered off

each loudness convects its

microphone before your

eye a swelling leg a

tampon remembered at the

railroad crossing was your

dream of shovels

falling in the closets





the spider



p eel the sciss ors if

yr g ate sand wich opens

toward the beach in

flames if if was

off the face a tow

el doubled in the

flooded closet is a

shredded phonebook

full of millipedes is

the mumbling neck tastes

the blades the hand

roams into the of br

each finds your if name

finds your off name ff

inds yr nname







a comer



mute fork rel umbered

coil you slumbered off

the sausage sweat a

spinal knife your

sack regurged a

fork de pended ,was

meatlithic ,sprayed and

said ,intonsiled ,re

aped the short stay

beneath yr earth's

a tongue desertion ,w

hat a something glit

tered in the greasy

mirror was it the

tines your book re

moved ,your ti... ? saturation, nous garantirons, lisant,

la validation du signal...

         — Georges Perec





heard insomnia’s dream



we the after ham

uffer in our quest’s

poison ants can s

peak on t ray of

thought or thought

the tabled sky de

flected in yr quiv

ering pool was

hafted words and

fro thing in the cave

ah tombs relabyrinthine

mouths the ran

dom moth laurel sp

lashed the mirror

yr gaze beginning clouds

became and turned it

off  the maze becalmed

was blank “a kind of”

swarm infusion in

the statue shrouded

vines and batshit


enter the sidewalks

were wind and sand

humping a rotten

head next the weeds

the hypos french

fry bags

empty white bottles



Rustling through Ivan Argüelles’

Epilogue to Translation to Heaven










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