Issue 22




Two Poems


Carleen Tibbetts







an erasure of Paul de Man’s “Intentional Structure of the Romantic Language,” 1960



the poet’s loyalty toward language is

the downfall of poetic defiance





one hardly ever escapes attractions of existence


an erasure of Louis Zukofsky’s “A Statement for Poetry,” 1958



poetry may be defined as

whoever makes it

has envied


its fineness of intricacies

keeps a world tangible


perhaps poetry is dimensions in space

true or not

ritual and pleasure feast


so-called pure music

(which incidentally poems never reach)

that permits anybody to “tune in”

to the human tradition

one hardly ever escapes


no verse is “free”

inevitably words falsify

attractions of existence

a poem should never be inflicted on the reader










Carleen Tibbetts is the author of the chapbooks “a starving music will come to eat the body” (FiveQuarterly, 2014) and “to exosk(elle), the last sugar” (Zoo Cake Press, 2015).  Recent work appears or is forthcoming in Cloud Rodeo, Powder Keg, Fact-Simile, The Journal Petra, glitterMOB, TYPO, Datableed, Small Po[r]tions and The Laurel Review.