Issue 22




Dominant culture is fucking boring



Joey Frances





bcuz domination is fucking boring


                I’m trying to construct full desiring

                subjectivities it hurts like before

                digital radio I can't


         This couple across from me on the bus talked

         sluggish and scattergun who uses that brothel

         just students messing a sauna used to cater for

         yknow people curry night out

                          Unlike   many corporate

                           businesses we have a strict   dress

                            down policy a cool  office with

                           a putting   green even beers

                         in the fridge I  fucking hate

                          you  confront me with your inner life






aesthetic of work

     wedding receptions

            on coal canals

aesthetic of suffering &

        sadness, or the thing

aesthetic of resistance


aesthetic of the collective



   aesthetic of hanging

        & hoping our love can

               build on its


aesthetic of our love

aesthetic of funk, or

      the funk,    etc

               imagine liking Glenn Miller






Be a symbol Be             a symbol Be A     Symbol


         & I thought about them fucking & wondered

          how they liked to do it and if it made them feel

useful & whole






aesthetic of making


                 of plant pot

                 of what i want

                           to know is

authentic of

       aesthetic of god

             lol       the

aesthetic world of arthur


aesthetic of self

      contained unit


               of nothing


         unequally distributed







…the people who control shit are boring pricks


        On the grass by the Sagrada

         Familia a young woman

        takes a photo of a polaroid


                       that leer across the bus shelter when

                       i’m only trying to get quietly home






aesthetic of tarmac

aesthetic of topiary



         petals              top



astro          turf






I was looking for a Job and then I found a Job


                 yesterday I called it a monument to the projection

                 of the individual ego and I hated it

         (turns out he really believed that serve the Lord

          shit, bread, fruit, tree o life, the snake

          is only a husk of doves, projections all



               I can’t stand

         we don’t think

           towers to the human

            mind are daggers the rich

           consciousness is a pig too

                paupers poor






aesthetic of ecstasy


smiley face






& I cried insufficiently


          Radica lise ,ur friends & lovers s)isters

          brothers /ur fathe’rs mothers

          colleagues comrades customers

           & Others

               I feel











Joey Frances has studied, written and read poetry in Cambridge and Manchester, UK, where he is now based.  His poetry has appeared on The Red Ceilings and in the Manchester Poets Declare a No Spy Zone anthology.  He is a member of the Manchester based Generic Greeting Collective, a multi-disciplinary, collaboration focussed art collective with whom his work has appeared in exhibitions and zines.  He helps to organise the Peter Barlow’s Cigarette reading series.  Joey Frances is online at and and @JoeyFrances