Issue 22






Cody-Rose Clevidence








nectaries :: has tempest :: o yellow—

o ovum & capsule :: u spaceship

2 the future :: Adonis I, mythic mightily,

ring species a crown my hell-bent absence & litany


a luxury of form.  cyber-

sexual opus expanding, uncircumcised horizon

“2 which rock crystals surrender”


but never will I // yield.







androidogenesis :: ultra violet wing

of metallic ions, my galaxy

ocular lasso as finch chase finch

& cache crude diatom :: pursue


the impure gonads of the first night;

mock them.







my nonsense









globe || ransom || halter

intermediary of need

salivate, weep, whatever

shuffle || coil || seed







get dome u eyelash

testicle  ::  flinch







o nova.  o blastocyst.  o universe.

o rimjob of th’ hopeless sun—

moon of a blank stare, stare back.







barebackt in th’ winter of my horizon

mumbled something or something else 2 th wind.







oh the silken internet

is lingerie 2 earths

vulgar apparatus







anoint u of egret, dogwood violets teeth

pharmacological heartthrob in the cellular matrix

chemical raiment, chemosocial 2 th core

o anoint u of daydream or verb

megalodont, asterixs, (like midas but

th opposite—) survive, what wld it


take & even,

w flourish

or w








this gibberish, look—


“ye mighty & despair”


is ish all like

who cares



(“not me”)







abt yr eyes:

peel them.


u & all u touch

is made of snot

daffoldil of th sky

n all



abt yr eyes:  peel them

& wash yr dirty mouth w snow


in being, be by being “fruitful, &,

Multiplicitous ”







shame // face of sun


I yield; I yield







xtravagant finch is now


app thru 2 the constellations below my feet is now


the spinning world yields transparent


is beady in eyes & beak.







roam, lucent cyborg :

hungry eyed quartzite O

lonely in hologram emblazoned mirror

of form dense w weight & urge; my animal sleeps

in the spinning eye of the universe; the milky gibberish

flung thru the sky : seek







what sweetness








dude, the bounty around us—

dude, the unyielding earth.










Cody-Rose Clevidence’s 1st book, BEAST FEAST, was released by Ahsahta Press in 2014.  They live in the Arkansas Ozarks with their dog, Pearl.