from George Carlin Poems


Thomas Fucaloro



George Carlin has a list poem called “The Book Club,” wherein he lists about 70 made-up book titles.  The titles of these poems are taken from that list. 





1. The Meaning Of Corn


Little cartoon yellow bullets

pulled from cobbed gums

glisten with spit and

delicious. Filled to the ear.


No one comes close

to our consumption. Filled

to the beer, we are a nation

defined by what we grow.


8 interesting facts about corn

and none of them are this






2. How To Give A King A Really Hard Time


More glare, more guillotine

Let them silence into pass

We are not kings, we are

Of feather we can rise

And ascend, we can

Create a village,

We can create

An ache.





3. A Complete List Of Everyone’s Personal Effects


If at first you don’t succeed


Buy a flame thrower


Wave lightening brilliance


In through the outdoor and onto the patio


There was that one time, when, and then, but I just


Breathe deep from pails of sky


Watch the once burned to a crescent tip


Everyone makes a big deal about the moon


I don’t know what all the fuss is about


It’s just a rock






To drift









4. The Stains In Your Shorts Can Indicate Your Future


We all create maps

from what we leave

behind. I can’t find

how to get back

from now, how

do you turn

your back

on your



I knit

a sweater of

forgetting now

ever happened

because what’s

happening now

is always

the sacrifice

of somebody

who is not me










Thomas Fucaloro holds an MFA in creative writing from the New School and is a co-founding editor of Great Weather for Media and NYSAI press.  He is a writing coordinator at the Harlem Children’s Zone and is the winner of a performance grant from the Staten Island Council of the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.  He has been on five national slam teams.  He is the author of two books of poetry published by Three Rooms Press, most recently It Starts from the Belly and Blooms, which received rave reviews, and the chapbooks Mistakes Disguised as Stars (Tired Hearts Press), Depression Cupcakes (Yes, Poetry)and There is Always Tomorrow forthcoming from Madgleam Press.