Mind Full


Jim McCrary





Four text beginning with lines from Leslie Scalapino’s book

Considering how exaggerated music is. 



“Instead of an animal, we got an old rag that was rancid - …”


Again what she says always come to the true end.  As she has and keeps together. What more is coming one  can only hope.   What already has not reduced itself. I always expect something to come together which never looked like that. She found the link and pressed on.  She found what she was looking for and then.




“Went out so I’d take the car and a whole system of banking and money…”


It was  in Defoe she said:  “Fabrication is simply accurate.  But addressed to reality, one is not in an event, thus everyone’s minute acts continually change reality.”   Could it be that what she said is what she wanted.  It follows that.  I am no one to speak as her, as she could, as if I could even copy or should.   I confess.  And yet it seems she found exactly the day as it happens today.  In this mess of cars and money.




“Starting daylight-saving time tho I will need to read the newspaper…”


It is not just off the wall even if the bounce seems familiar as the  so called ‘Times’. What seems to matter to her and only her…..looking back.  This is the only way to even attempt at recognition and thank her for saying that.  As if in any way.   That matters now as it ever did.  She matters.  I wanted to make that an offer.




“I was unemployed and the social hierarchy operates even after we’ve died…”


What comes thru again and again.  Connect with this and that……imagining all that. Not making an event just to describe one.  Not leaving anything out just to create a reaction.  Just the right amount of this.  More than enough to make what’s real come to realize that what matters continues.  That said.  Does she assume that we can and will join her.   Can that be imagined.   Is the devil still in the detail.   One of us wonders.








Jim McCrary lives in Lawrence, Ks.  His most recent publication is  Year Book from Shirt Pocket Press.  Recent collections include This Here from Moneypenny Press and All That from Thiiink Books.  Chapbooks include PoDoom, M Ental Tekst, Dive She Said, My Book, Mayaland (with John Moritz) and Hotter Than and Now.  He is the mascot for the 8th St Tap Room reading series curated by Megan Kaminski in downtown Lawrence.