from a work tentatively titled SHUNTS


Jasper Brinton





depending downwards



however understood

takes less particle

thinned knowledge

direct pressure

an end to the parasol

winding heat with

himself saying lets

gaze will we both

approve the phase

endless chance

the chores of delivery

the misfit of option

instant engineering

tho attentive you’ve caught

the pineapple by finger

by lip while she mutable

shatters reverts & outdoes

beneath the sheen

“of the book” say you

there into whole slice

unless forbidden

brought to the cleaver

failing his drawknife

her machete in hand

it goes — foggy

but the mind slow — ecru

has bedbound summer

stammers at the wicket

enters the gate’s discursive

apologia bonecast

while concocting

dread existence per se

but nostrils respond

if dust impenitent

blows the core

& biology reactant

makes use of fragment

a softer fragment

her mimosa dealbata

much consumed by saffron

a bygone salvo

girded with cameo

she star-fresh a showcase

happy this way

when one day 1927

outside the vivarium

her ostriches sang

of rivers of desert

while you as anatomy

preach contortion

play thru flux

trick self into landscape


into fulcrum flesh

one glance one

windward sinuosity

centered by wellhead

& homestead with cry

which did good

having surrendered

beaucoup to palsy

since the day’s forecast

the acadian shiver

the shoebox portal

refrigerates so currently

a choice of reflex

the aforementioned dead

dull to the tension

given driveway inanity

the frogman’s ineptitude

effortless kleptocracy

in the iris surround

I know I know

sensory portals dilate

the messenger’s shoddy

now grounded bird

led thronged into


condensed sky

ocherous with super-added

evil so shameless

so swanned & atomic

devilishly confusing

the nuclear palliative

yet I’ve seen burn

impossible bitumen

twist & science

wear out marble

sway-down pillars

skewer the starkness

of time’s mood

once the propane blaster

delivers the chitterling

an august meal

noble on wheels

to our alone domain

minus shoehorn tho

I who’d pow pow

break at autonomy

now cram the problem so

worthless dizzy an exodus

that deflates the plunder

shifts our sympathy

summertimeish into redo

whenever temperatures

the lithic industry

& storehouse content

deny the body

the speech of earth

as waves on land

foredawn the sphere

climate the sightless





hotfoot synthetic



reductive “waste” that

suggests fabulist chastity

springs captured by coil

abstracts in moonlight

wakes the streetlight

throws to foible

roots of the dream

in blotted foreground

as intentionally blank

bandwidth charges

turn toy tin into

any sudden art

& if hastened

will beg make of grain

a wager of sand

or lens of word

as rock into blaze

a context we race

injects with ballast

the ball we bear

if wary of squidding

we soil the stamp

of the architect’s brief

with mangled script

or cleansed revamp

image telepathy

drops of the load

with shout & hosanna

whenever the newsday

celebration flames

shouts of the lunkhead’s

windbag analysis

insect insanity turned

toward staffroom surgery

goblin hysteria into

useless condensate

but who’d dare

willing with airfare

who’d remove wasteland’s

tragic target or

up-tangent skyward

our bruised department

disinherit the evermade

nite profile we

as subsistent geometry

in keeping with feces

with tone & outfit

the encasement of hunger

strike to coin

in fact that which

dregs erodes the restitution

of highway rapprochement

something to shame

& stall mask with sign

as you loll the purge

although someone

whimsically links the shank

brightens the varnish

lays out the child

as if animation

circumnavigating the pole

plays at bungle

suspends causality

times the market

its lasting museum








Jasper Brinton lives in a restored country schoolhouse near Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.  Born in Alexandria, Egypt, he was educated in the Middle East, Scotland and the United States.  Over the years a passion for wood and word led to a career in design and architecture, with stints in printing, and network television.  His poetry has appeared in Eccolinguistics, On Barcelona, Truck, SprunPoems, BlazeVox, Zarf and in E·ratio 21.  Jasper Brinton is online at