Timothy Robbins





home in the valley

hut in the village

hutch in the vegetables

house in the vineyard

hearth in Virginia

halls in Valhalla

hail the invincible

hail the invigorated

hail inconspicuous viceroy

hail intolerant veterans

hoops of inner velocipedes

hybrid inert vehicles

hover in vitality

haloed in vaccinations

hammered insensate by Valentinos

hummingbirds in the vicinity

hyenas’ insistent voting

hopeless inveterate vampires

hawk inherited valuables

honored instinct for victory

hallowed is thy vanity

heed intestinal ventriloquists

Hamlet in vitro

Helen in Valinor

Hector in Venezuela

Ho in Vietnam

huddle in vexation

hungry insectivores

herd insects of vanity

hinder injurious Vikings

hoist ingenious vanguards

heal infertile volcanos

hot in veins

holy invection

hush intrusive Valkyries

hush impenitent Vesuvius

hush incurable vendors

hush inconstant vigilantes

harpsichords interrogate virginals

heroes imbibe vanilla

heroines inhibit virility

hop-scotching in the vestibules

humping in Vancouver

humping in Verdun

humping in the vale of sorrows

humping initiated valedictorians

hatching indecent valentines

hover in vaults

of heartless insidious Vaticans’

homilies indulgences votaries

home-made interactive videos

hips in vandals

haunches in Victorias

harbingers in the Vedas

heralds in violet

halved in veils

hymns intoned vivify

Hildegard von Bingen

humping impertinent vagrants

hollowing incandescent vagabonds

heeding the internal vamoose

hoarding infernal vermouth

heaved in vocabularies

to heaven inviolable

hissing inaudible vocals

harkening to ineffable vows

hurled invalids

hasten inevitable vanishing

hoovered insomniac vacuums

honored in Vaudeville

hamstrung in voodoo

hymnals intoning vendettas

hedgehogs in vellum vessels

hamsters in velours

Homer in the  vernacular

holy days’ itinerant voyeurs

holidays’ inchoate vistas

haggling immigrant vacationers

highways interstates velocity

highways interstates Viagra

headstrong indomitable vitamins

hoarfrost in veins

haggard i.v.’s

haggling in vain

hopped-up invertebrates

hooded in vengeance

holes irrigated in vaseline

hallways invading Versailles

heathens’ indelicate veracity

helium inspired vigils

howling invocations

Holst’s imitation of Venus

harmonious intervals

Haley’s interplanetary vroom

hazardous invitations

hilarious investigations

hollering inbred Victrolas

humana inverted vox

his master’s intombed voice

hiccups involuntarily involuntarily

his is vanquished

his is varnished

his verily (I say unto you)

hell is vacant

heaven is ventilated

hosannah invictus

his immature voice

halcyon invocations

of Hebrews’ iniquitous verses

Hugo Ionesco Villon

Herbert Isherwood Verlaine

heirs to innuendo’s vision

Handiwipes in vestries

hankering introverts

harvesting illegal vines

homespun igneous varieties

half-wits igniting vitriol

hail intermittent vasectomies

heil implicit vilification

hail institutional vindication

hail intrepid virus

hail invraisemblable

hail irreversible

hail invidious

hail involuntary

hail invariable

harried innocuous virus








Timothy Robbins teaches ESL.  He has a B.A. in French and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics.  He has been a regular contributor to Hanging Loose since 1978.  His poems have appeared in Three New Poets, Slant, Main Street Rag, Adelaide Literary Magazine and Off The Coast.  His collection Denny’s Arbor Vitae was published in 2017.  He lives with his husband of twenty years in Kenosha, Wisconsin, birthplace of Orson Welles.