Two Poems


Karen Neuberg





self portrait as crow



Bling!  Dazzle rapture.

I call out the kill

as I see it.

Poke into ground growth.

Seed.  Insect.  Critter.

Foil revealed by sun.

Dagger of glass.

Shard of stainless steel.

Reflection my tilted head.

Quandary of pebble.

Flight harkens.

A conspiracy calls me to task.





Park in May



How to know.

How to know more and more.

How to know less . . .


An excerpt, an extrapolation.

Summary of tidal times.

Summary of shadow & shade.


The calling of the hour:

a spot of sun.  Street

peddlers, magicians,



Offerings not to be

refused.  Along with ice

cream and resist buttons.


How to make of this.

How to make of this world.









Karen Neuberg’s most recent poetry chapbook is the elephants are asking (Glass Lyre Press).  Her full length collection, Pursuit, is forthcoming from Kelsay Press.  Poems have appeared in Verse Daily, Canary and Home Planet News, among others.  She lives in Brooklyn, NY.