Sam Russek





Tell me

can you feel

my voice

do you see me

reaching through

my fingertips

stretching past,

passing the ice

the land the air

between beat

of heart and

forward to your

distant soft-

ness of breath?

This poem is for you.

Can you hear

my pulse these goose-

bumps roused


anticipation of

skin and skin

this, mine and yours

of ours,

a bind, a bond

a being unbridled

in full embrace

of clear and gentle

together, our violent adherence

the seething force of we?

I’m closer now

sense me into here

next to and with you.

Breath me

into shape

our love.









Sam Russek is an emerging writer born in Connecticut but raised in Houston.  His reviews and essays have appeared in Latinx Spaces and the Austin Chronicle, and his poetry has appeared in Paint Bucket.  Find him at @mr_samrussek on Twitter.