Three by


Mark DuCharme






                   for Rimbaud



My heart runs a carpool

It lances jets of soup

My sad heart reeks of pumpkins

Go ahead, cure all the pumpkins

See if I freeze


While pragmatic lunatics lure

Wretched quail to sketchy


O the abracadabra parades!

Comment on our vowels, won’t you, common lore?


Then forget what I mean in a room full of saints

The serpent of croquet was at the bacchanalia, recently

Will call back Tuesday, maybe

Until trees have no habitats left

& The end of the world isn’t safe


For tourists anymore

What you mean is what you are

Forget myth-making

Noon is the shape of lost voices

Flattened vowels, tongues to the ear








Who are those men who walk awkwardly by

Made acute by their rhythmless gait

As the earth shudders, & we become

Akimbo parts of waking?


We slathered the linoleum, but didn’t do anything

About it ’til later, when the blatherers gathered

To incite us with their mildness.


What have we learned

In the meantime that might

Make sense of those hairstyles that

Birds seem to fear?


If we drive into

The wind when alone

Will our sense of tune be heightened?


& If we wait there, knowing what we do

Only then will those old men fear to come home.






                for Melinda Myrick



Those doomed to repeat the past

Will register the past as



If tomorrow ever comes—


& It never does.

What then are we left with


If yesterday’s tragic, & hope’s an altered

Verb? Think in active failures.


Alienate anyone

Who repeats the past as tragic discourse.


Sometimes, we just can’t whistle—

& Love’s not a failure


Bound to alienate anyone

Who doesn’t think of love as active


When altered aliens

Propose a tragic verb.









Mark DuCharme’s sixth full-length book of poetry, Here, Which Is Also a Place, was published in 2022 by Unlikely Books.  That same year, his chapbook, Scorpion Letters, was released by Ethel.  Later this year, C22 Open Editions will publish his chapbook Thousands Blink Outside.  His poetry has appeared widely in such venues as BlazeVOX, Blazing Stadium, Caliban Online, Colorado Review, E·ratio, First Intensity, Indefinite Space, New American Writing, Noon, Otoliths, Shiny, Spinozablue, Talisman, Unlikely Stories, Word/ for Word, The Writing Disorder, and Poetics for the More-Than-Human World: An Anthology of Poetry and Commentary.  A recipient of the Neodata Endowment in Literature and the Gertrude Stein Award in Innovative American Poetry, he lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. 



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