something else again

         homage to Jacqueline Winter Thomas


Cordelia Hanemann





pull from the light

drink in the water

then air / each a breath


take in light     a paraclete

wash in the water     a baptism

breathe     the holy spirit

then       nothing at all


do not despise the hands

that reach out to you

do not deny the voices

that call to you


though the world weigh heavy

cultivate your own meadows

but do not recant the wild fields


present yourself to the universe

move and move and stay

so precisely still

that all becomes an elsewhere


know the territory of your own-space


the light will restore you

and the meadows and the wild fields

and the waters     let them

dance and allow yourself


do not envy any colors

you are among them


all: house/room/wall

the tables and chairs


of a lifetime     you


are alone here

yet you belong:


even your name


before you were

you were something else

electricity breathing

the dawn and dusk of earth

now you are something else










Cordelia Hanemann, writer and artist, currently co-hosts Summer Poets, a poetry critique group in Raleigh, NC.  Professor emerita retired English professor, she conducts occasional poetry workshops and is active with youth poetry in the North Carolina Poetry Society.  She is also a botanical illustrator and lover of all things botanical.  She has published in numerous journals including, Atlanta Review, Laurel Review, and California Quarterly and numerous others; in several anthologies including best-selling Poems for the Ukraine and her chapbook. Her poems have been performed by the Strand Project, featured in select journals, won awards and been nominated for Pushcarts.  She is now working on a novel about her Cajun roots. 



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