Blau ist ein Lockvogel / Blue is a Decoy


Johanna Hansen / in translation by David Oates






“The Blue Dreamer” by Johanna Hansen




Blau ist ein Lockvogel



Blau macht schlank

bis zum siebten Himmel

dazwischen ist Blau ein Aperitif

hellhörig verrutscht zu Satin

ein Geheimtipp überallhin


Blau sieht täuschend echt aus

eine Flussaue mündet ins Blau


kühl entknotet

ein paar Interna

ein Horizont auf dem Tellerrand


Blau komplettiert ein Adagio zu Schwerelosigkeit

und zieht sich nie aus der Affäre

ein Vokal tauscht mit Blau



Blau ist ein Lockvogel


Ein Federstrich reicht aus

und Blau hält sein Echo hin


mühelos tanztauglich

in einer Landschaft auf Zehenspitzen





Blue is a Decoy



Blue thins out, loosens

toward the seventh heaven.

In between, blue is an aperitif,

keen to slip into satin,

a hint sent far and wide.


Blue’s looks are deceiving.

A meadow wanders into it,


unraveled into coolness,

sighs sub rosa,

horizon at the rim.


Blue finishes an adagio with weightlessness

but doesn’t get drawn into the affair.

A vowel swaps with blue.


Blue is a decoy, a lure.


The stroke of a quill is all it takes

and blue stalls its echo, holds out


effortlessly danceable

in a landscape of tiptoes.




Blau ist ein Lockvogel

sound & vision










Johanna Hansen.  Poet, Painter, Editor of the literary magazine WORTSCHAU.  Grew up in Kalkar/Lower Rhine.  First teacher and journalist.  Three-year stay in Davos/Switzerland.  Since 1993 numerous exhibitions and participation in exhibitions. Since 2008 publications, mainly of poetry in combination with own paintings.  In collaboration with musicians and composers, she has created performances, book/CD projects and poetry films.  Poems have been translated into various languages.  Johanna Hansen is online at  


David Oates is author of six books of nonfiction.  His memoir The Mountains of Paris: How Awe and Wonder Rewrote My Life won the Eric Hoffer Award and was finalist for the Oregon Book Award.  His essays have appeared in Georgia Review, Creative Nonfiction, Ecotone, and monthly in the online journal 3QuarksDaily.  His poems have recently appeared in Orion, Rattle, and December Magazine.  The Heron Place won the 2015 Poetry Award and publication from Swan Scythe Press (San Francisco).  He lives in Portland, Oregon (USA) and has taught at colleges and universities in the US and France.  His Ph.D. is from Emory University, Atlanta. 




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