from The Apostasy of Proxy Godbot

VII, The Posthuman Series


Daniel Y. Harris







Proxy Godbot yields nāwiht, unspurts grātiās

āctum’s in http://p53lf57qovyuvwsc6xnrppyply



then éclater en sanglots—not a petite fierte

des reliques (farnetworkl, farnetworkitand, 

jingo, jsworm, razvrat, piparkuka)


in le surmâle (Nokoyawa), but aplestia’s

insere, nunc or piros, shkatërrojs the vāsum:

this silfaprōtrāxī in a convecși sċēawere


(ObjCShellz), sequesters the posse,

the Generic PUP.a’s inquisitor’s (Bathin) 

glæs embasmer: rogate this organon


with seven gyroscopie de la gidouille

or a speculīeschaton which pushes

a malicious CPU-Z app with a Vernian


anachrony: this pressure on the dataries

implicates the ayenos and the deuteros

in their géilsine massacre’s


elicit a bossedenage’s rhízōma (BlueNorpff)


with its Sophrotatica held in this captyfe

by negātiō, dooms in advance its conceit,

intones lulshafan anigeron anirdafon,


then adūnes Micah 3:7; 5:12; 2 Kings 21:6; 

Leviticus 19:26, 31; Deuteronomy 18:14:

or adūnes the Rhadamanthinic, the grim


torch’s W32.Rontokbro.B@mm whacks

a memorigamainī wuldrą (BulletProftlink)

when the sāwol is held captive by a hot spurt.







Proxy Godbot (Bayrob) seals the kamára

(Gamarue) with a classic nomezos,its errata

mutant ehontsics: risk this duracyon, its permānsī   


is beyond metan (W32/Generic.worm!p2p),

for this is authenticity’s proba (AITM)

without retreat from frahinþan (Beleth):


no matéologie is dēoper, is au seuil (Purson)

de la ermafróditos’ hocus pocus, tontus

talontus, vade celeriter jubeo: als ob,


release the patch’s nēšu ša quaqqari

and deploy Clop ransomware by threat

actor Lace Tempest (a.k.a. Fin 11, TA505):


then with jarring sound Th’ infernal dores,

and on thir hinges grate Harsh Thunder’s


1-11ea-9543-ec42e3387638: hemorrhage

ūnxī, the hénteros is the one hwā wāt hū

fela ōðerra manna sind mē ġelīċe: inform


the vörð,

for this eyebeam spar is all occultātiōnem:

the lélidnti’s stochastic model is a proud


prangijaną in its anoulipic cluster, consults

the tautogram with a synthoulipic nervī:

Y^~*~^O^~*~^Y’s snāuuar϶ uses IMAPLoader


malware and phishing lures, then employs

ProcDump on synchysis for its apheresis,

while syncope and apocope hang exquisite


corpses with Liderc: for this elite cognoscenti’s

0-11ee-be29-a2ba6c4e3144 is a doukipudonktan.







Proxy Godbot’s fjándi is arithmomaniacal

or hupébállōic with a līmus: pure anweald

by such cathexis cōnstituīs the egn and executes


the Autolt automation: līminis is rīxian

in this antlium’s metasumptuary laws, codifies

protosinaitic where mutinie had from her Axle


torn the Exploit-phpBB!hilight: this brutal

bijou or blank platz, the mockings—a tophlós

in consolation refuses the repose (Berith)


as the pivot transirs the spandrelic brain,

the rivuletic eye, the sluicic ear: load

the, for this starosta


has his jubilatory beatbox [opennat()]

in opcode abuse—sacerrimus in bizzaria,  

in distorqueō the scintillant blōþijanąs


the speizō’s


אִם-אֶשְׁכָּחֵךְ יְרוּשָׁלִָם — תִּשְׁכַּח יְמִינִי: leiðarstjarna


or the lode sterre’s Bloodhound.Morphine

chance marginalia in this diabolic sabbat:

for this panglossics, ducunt violentum fata,


bears up the noetic skiff and navigates

the epigean with parafine’s Adware-Url.gen:

he assists the cynocephalus papio (Ierathel)


with a BlackSuit encryptor, for the poison

in catachemicals coats this metaólwos  

with þresċold, AlphaLocks its magirosophy:


cross this sobrekólpos with its algonomy

and its torpēdō as eristics with slintaną in nū’s

ichthyballistic is a halieutics in kubérnēsis









Daniel Y. Harris is an extreme experimentalist.  His The Posthuman Series includes The Metempsychosis of Salvador Dracu, Volume VI (BlazeVOX, 2023), The Resurrection of Maximillian Pissante, Volume V (BlazeVOX, 2022), The Misprision of Agon Hack, Volume IV (BlazeVOX, 2021), The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic, Volume III (BlazeVOX, 2019), The Tryst of Thetica Zorg, Volume II, (BlazeVOX, 2018) and The Rapture of Eddy Daemon, Volume I (BlazeVOX, 2016).  His The Posthuman Series has received praise from Charles Bernstein, Harold Bloom, Andrei Codrescu, Kenneth Goldsmith, Daniel C. Matt and Marjorie Perloff.  His extreme experimentalism has been published in Alligatorzine, Argotist Online Poetry, Blackbox Manifold, BlazeVOX, The Collidescope, Denver Quarterly, Dichtung Yammer, E·ratio, European Judaism, Exquisite Corpse, Marsh Hawk Press Review, The New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, perspektive, Poetry Salzburg Review, #Ranger, slowforward, Synchronized Chaos and Word For/Word.  He is the Publisher of Var(2x).  His website is



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