Two Poems


Rich Murphy





From Regional Reason to Sublime


         “From birth to death we Indians are enfolded in symbols as in a blanket.”

                                                                                — Lame Deer



Facing space time, to recognize the fabric

from local organization perspectives,

transforms the volunteer

so that now stretches to envelop all.


Big Ben and Time Square,

thanks for the service.


Cities, home-furnishings, and toolboxes

lose lore and lure for the enlisted

threads woven from the looming.


The once goods Samaritan drops

from the blue to become the dilated alien

where Earthlings wearing glasses

cry for help using pliers and silverware.


A fraying fiber reaches out from the dark

to warm the blinded panic hoarding

and holding gravitational pull

that won’t loosen the tug though lifetimes grip.


Here past and tomorrow teem up,

perhaps a blanket … maybe enfolded.





Culture Revision



Numberless technicians stretched

for the lightbulb beyond reach

to change the mind for civilization.


Though all the major cities

across the continent applauded

at the twisting that ended with a shout,

the shock to the ladder climber

and stool stepper zapped

into a dance trend merely.


Almost poets march through schools

enrolling rhyming and rhythm

with drum majors who beat

the daylight from selfish thinking.

Wrong! But getting close.


The capacity to suffer tests

at the sound bow for bell clapper

living and learning in the cosmos.


New language and symbols

by conscious lens crafters

embed through assumption

in news, manuals, and small talk,

another artificial glow for an epoch.









Rich Murphy’s Footholds was published at Cyberwit in India in September 2023.  First Aid was published by Resource Publications at Wipf and Stock in summer of 2023. Meme Measure, a collection of poems, was published by Resource Publications in 2022. His poetry has won The Poetry Prize at Press Americana twice for Americana (2013) and The Left Behind (2021) and Gival Press Poetry Prize for Voyeur (2008).  Space Craft by Resource Publications also came out in 2021.  Books Prophet Voice Now, essays by Common Ground Research Network and Practitioner Joy, poetry by Resource Publications were published in 2020. 



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