Two Poems


Massimo Fantuzzi





Fragile Thing



Portico of the sweetest poverty,

we had made it. Small

sign, smaller sin

preyed from a papyrus waxy roof.


Sandy alcove, us

inebriated of sodium air

in this provisional estuary

from which we’d chart

a course conditional

to each one to plunge and

catch, each, a star. What freedom

among the underground conduits of our city,

incessant spiral of arms, belt

of fascinations

hissing the night

from both ends of a smile?





May 17th



Pulls, cuts, soaring, rocks.

Marble quarry,

crystal blue, open pool to

boyhood and hunting rivalry.


Searching deep are but the orbiting dregs in

the sockets of our arms,

pursuits that an ash-coloured fog

would drown into a paste. Time dressed,

redressed into torrents of notes,

purpura eruptions saturated land

inscribed in half-moons of smoking tyres,

wire and corrugated sheets, rust of a

piercings glare now back with felon’s pity,

devotee’s calm, martyr’s resolve. Overhead,

director’s command, «Sunshine

all along the way.»









Massimo Fantuzzi is a British-Italian dual national born in Milan author of the collection of poems and prose poems Marcia Gioie (Alkalea, 1999).  He lives in Leicestershire, where he works in special education.  Member of the editorial board at Triggerfish Critical Review, his poems have appeared in Orbis, Tears in the Fence, The North, A New Ulster, Abridged, Poetry Salzburg Review, BlazeVox, E·ratio, Otoliths, Maintenant, In Parentheses, Berkeley Poetry Review, The Dalhousie Review, Il Cucchiaio nell’Orecchio, Multiperso, Radioquestasera, and elsewhere. 



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