School of Fish


Eve Young





I want to be the only

good-looking guy in

the store, and the clerk

will love me for my

multicoloured hair.

I do all this to impress

people, with my perfect

smile, and I am completely

lost, stuck on the road,

and disappointed. He

was such a nice person,

so human, even with his

dog far from home. I’m

imitating it, but it’s not

working. It’s not my style

to open someone else’s

heart to the real me.

At least in these final

moments, it would be

nice if I could breathe

and whisper as easily as

the rest of the school.

I think it scares you.

I want to be scared too.









Eve Young is a writer from West Yorkshire.  Her poetry has been published, or is forthcoming, in BRUISER, Epiphany, The Journal, Littoral Magazine, Home Planet News, Visions International, The Passionfruit Review, A New Ulster, Sein und Werden, and Pere Ube, among others, and longlisted for the AUB International Poetry Prize. 



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