Issue 16 · 2012




Two Poems


by Cristine Brache





cheating eyes, the video



cheating eyes, the video

howl back at the wind

blow the leaves back to the trees, rewind


finger the remote control

dial the zephyr, watch the playback slowly

magnetic strip of jungle, bamboozled


find your grace within

hang yourself between two frames

let the art scam you





conversation flow



oh, how i’d love to warm up to you again,

and let the conversation flow from my tongue fluid as ever.

so juicy, like my spit


watch my tongue swell]


the words all deep like

i used to take your penis in my mouth.

or perhaps even deeper like

the way it felt like to live inside me


instead the words are coming out

like odd spasms of white sludge

as i slowly choke on this


tear or ?

word [hint: circle the right answer]


missing you completely

while our conversation is steadily oozing on the floor.










Cristine Brache is a poet and multimedia artist from Miami, Florida.  She is currently researching abandoned spaces in the industrial area of the Pearl River Delta for her latest video project.  Cristine Brache is online at