Issue 16 · 2012




A Zero Is Invisible


by Raymond Farr





A zero is invisible. Many gulls are multifold at the corner café where Francis Bacon abandons his well wishers. Seeking a cure he stands up. Observant of people named Harold scoring a waltz. Half cognizant of carnival writings. Half cog in Biarritz. His patterns dazzle a number of timbers in secret. His clown-brain machi-nations hump it up, & over the wall, as turmoil acts mad in the mirror. His face is a ball covered in cat hair. The oddly felt rain he puts on a disk. His plate tectonics last only a minute and a minute and a half. A buttered tomato returns out of nowhere asking Dada for trouble. A frontier is backwards. A way of moving slowly at a pace. He involves many apes.  Left open the door in reverse. Equated with a formalist apologetics, but half drunk on his check book, a zero is invisible.










Raymond Farr is the author of Ecstatic/.of facts (Otoliths 2011), There Is  Something Missing in the Whole Transaction between Us (Blue & Yellow Dog Press 2012), as well as two echaps: chainge (Chalk Editions 2011), Two Texts (Chalk Editions 2010).  He is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog.