Issue 16 · 2012




Two Poems


by Daniel Y. Harris







  1. this round table project shift towards a general corpus
  2. the Greek grammarians of allegoria and hyponia
  3. only two of its chapters have been edited
  4. Indo-European cultures of suspicion
  5. nature, the ocean, the rustling of trees, animals, faces, masks, a skull
    and crossed bones, all speak the semainon
  6. gestures and diseases speak
  7. the notion of resemblance
  8. deciphered cosmology, botany, zoology and satellite notions pivot
  9. the convenentia standing to the body as animal stands to vegetable
  10. emulatio, Porta’s explanation that the human face is, with its seven
    distinct parts, the emulation of the heavens with its seven planets
  11. signature of the invisible
  12. for sure the cogito and the divination resting upon the dissension
    between God and the Devil
  13. baconian and cartesian critiques within brackets
  14. the shock effect, a sort of wound infuriating interpreters with a play
    of mirrors
  15. descends from apes in the distributional space in which signs
    can be signs
  16. renounces as invention
  17. descends along a vertical line of thought
  18. in search of the underworld
  19. uncovered and then buried
  20. a canopy rising higher 
  21. spreading visibly in contrast to Perseus
  22. the bourgeoisie platitude
  23. sick via morphology
  24. refuses the Robinsonade







  1. a schism in the ailing body of empire
  2. its own brand rivaled by a new Byzantium
  3. diffuses the buried talisman which was conquered
  4. suppresses forgotten histories of heretical sects
  5. to serve as a frontier garrison
  6. missionaries in the wake of heretical knights
  7. reappearing in Florence in Kabbalah, Neoplatonism, Egyptian
    mysteries and the cult of Mary Magdalene
  8. the mask of Cosimo Medici
  9. statues, temples and manuscripts
  10. naked figures, smooth columns and a pleiad of young artists
  11. looking for a refuge for their tradition
  12. denigrated and rejected bias
  13. compiled a lexicon for unification
  14. in Lunel, Languedoc, a theurgic De Divisione Naturae
  15. tropes of expediency, existing to the anxious edges
  16. the carbon dating of pharonic dynasties 
  17. the cult of Horus and Akhenaten’s solar monotheism as aniconic
  18. this battle led by default to a truce
  19. the daughters of Danaos brought to Argos
  20. Thesmophoria sitting on the ground
  21. holy emanations from Sirius and Orion which vivify gods,
    men, cattle, and creeping things
  22. fathered some alien but esoteric source
  23. savants driven by release
  24. looking back altered the same










Daniel Y. Harris is the author of Hyperlinks of Anxiety (Cervena Barva

Press, 2013, forthcoming), The New Arcana (with John Amen, New York Quarterly Books, 2012), Paul Celan and the Messiah’s Broken

Levered Tongue (with Adam Shechter, Cervena Barva Press, 2010; picked by The Jewish Forward as one of the 5 most important Jewish poetry books of 2010) and Unio Mystica (Cross-Cultural Communications, 2009).  He is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee.  Some of his poetry, experimental writing, art, and essays have been published in BlazeVOX, Denver Quarterly, European Judaism, Exquisite Corpse, The New York Quarterly, In Posse Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Poetry and Poetry Salzburg Review.  He is online at