Issue 16 · 2012




“The distance

between forths”


by Matt Hill





Blistering daylight smacks of trouble down the road We bear the tensions of disheveled ephemera & rusted out relationships Approved validity rages forth qua lucidity We cheat the wind of its brilliance While carrying the burden of each others’ eyes Memory’s chokepoints aggravate our destinies our pushbacks our sloppy precisions Once we had that crystal facet of degenerate Love When lying was the primary symptom between us Our connected fusion became increasingly tertiary The nakedness upheld our primitive entertainments Even as that evening light was never fully tainted by the rough winds The final sundown burnt our lashes With big dark drops of impending night Later on our homebodied DNA shone in the desired majesties of midnight Passionate osmosis offset our ambiguous hopes & then there was the lucid silence Heavily punctuated by various degrees of gravity and sobs. . . . 










Matt Hill is a sculptor and writer living in the southern part of Northern California.  His most recent books are Parataxis (BlazeVox, 2008), Dropping the Walls for a Tenuous Linkage (Differentia Press, 2011) and A Western Exile (The Argotist Online, 2011).  From 1995 to 1997 he served as publisher of Marshall Creek Press publishing avant-garde chapbooks by, among others, Sheila E. Murphy, John M. Bennett and Jake Berry.  Rumors circulating about him living off-the-grid in a treehouse are entirely true.