Issue 16 · 2012






by W. Scott Howard





External form, contour (that

quality) of the materials—


figures geometrical,



depending on constant



of position or proportionate



among all the points composing an outline or exterior surface—


a particular variety

of such


quiddity impressed



dear image, face in which

may find true rest.





Of the fabric, the make (apt

garment) deft gesture—



bodies spectral


minutial (limned

by nature


or by art) distinguished by anomalies & contraries—


visible aspects of chance

arrangements of parts


animal or human



(of words & etc.) beautiful

forms intercalate—


manner or course,

story’s meander.





Shape-changer shifter altering coverer

scattering cross-sections of an atomic nucleus


of a compound an independent formation,

an algebraic factor of an aleatory line


predicting the profile (in the expression)

like a comely fitting shape-memory or


shape-mistress, a shape-note, one of a series

having heads (of different forms) representing


likeness or likelihood, the degrees of a scale

for any shape-smith or jocular corset maker.




A motive or answer with reference

showing signs, becoming efficient


positioning with a particular or proper

stance or inclination for a definitive


stroke, gathering oneself together &

stepping out as a gift of transference


(or dismissal or decree from Fortune

or Fate) granting for one person the wish


(delivered of judgment) for one penalty

from punishment appointed, released.





Excellence of design, élan

nonesuch, divine


errancy, characteristic



imaginary creature, person

or object animate


ruse, otherself ethereal

glimpse askance or guise


a disguise (or jest devised) for a random stroll—


attitude or condition

of fitness or repair,


given ways, rhythms

of the mind, radiant


bouquets, verisimilitudes

upstream ribbons.





From the beginning, heart

and frame—to strike


instances of meaning, origins

afterwards, memory scapes ysaued


assayed (sometimes

apprehended) as foretold,


corresponding with the One who makes, said of God or Nature—


likely alteration, tailoring or carving

out of something else, immaterial


non-conformable, liminal thing—

of speech (an example) to figure


or set, to produce a remedy

devised (or contrived


of the sky) inclined to break

or bring about.










W. Scott Howard teaches in the Department of English and in the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver.  He is the founding editor of Reconfigurations: A Journal for Poetics & Poetry / Literature & Culture.  His poetry may be found in Burnside Reader, Diagram, Eccolinguistics, Ekleksographia, Many Mountains Moving, and word for / word.