Issue 16 · 2012




To the Wedding


by Gautam Verma





3 words gives The Master of Ceremonies


tenderness gives & generosity

fidelity gives


they knock against the heart’s fist


words like empty bread-baskets


from the parapet the soprano sings


we would feel a little something








may the flower drink itself

into the fruit & may the fruit

with the sweetness of flower

ripen & heavy with juice fall

far from the branch that held it







the wedding couple weary walk

from table to table


Hip Hip Hurrah! Hip Hip Hurrah!


the guests are all dead; they go through

the motions








soft September sunlight, the tremulous leaves

we draw the curtains & silhouette the trees


it’s all make believe


draw the curtains and enjoy the feast!








to the girl with the straw-blonde hair

& strong jaw what would you offer (if you could)


more future?








look at me – his wife says – to him –

her husband – oh, that dead person








write no more poems

as cryptograms


write no more poems








if there were ever only this moment


(if you knew it to be so (in your knees)

you would tremble with attention)


would you share it with someone?


then pull-back the screen of your eyes


& unclench your heart


& listen












Gautam Verma was born and grew up in Bombay, India, and now lives in Piacenza, Italy, where he teaches English.  His first full-length manuscript, The Opacity of Frosted Glass, is out from Moria Books.  He has previously published five e-chaps: Tombs, In Ladakh, Days Dreams and The Lines from Shearsman, and Soundings from BlazeVox.